Getting “unstuck”

Well Kelly and I went to the beach last Friday until yesterday afternoon and it was a great getaway. We both remembered we are husband and wife not just “mom and dad”

We had a lot of time to talk and do things together because not much was planned which is not always good but was in this case. During the trip we listened to Perry Noble’s series on “Stuck” and how God wants each of us to fulfill the purpose he created us for.

Here are some of the questions he said we need to ask ourselves…

#1 What has God placed me on this planet to acomplish?

#2 What are my passions?

#3 What are my talents?

#4 What brings me joy?

God does not want us to look back and have regrets, he created us for a purpose and he wants us to find and fulfill it. This message messed me up and has brought a lot of things into question for me to wrestle with. I will keep you posted on my journey through figuring this out.


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