Getting unstuck part 2

chazown.pngWell, in talking with a good friend, he mentioned a book called Chazown which means vision in hebrew. I started reading it last night and it basically takes you through what is Gods purpose and vision for your life and how do you create a life plan around it. My initial impression is that it is like Purpose Driven Life but more focused.

I have been so pumped about all of this since this past weekend that I really feel like

something in me clicked and I am anxious to dig into it however I can.

Question one from Perry Noble’s sermon was “What was I put on this planet to do?” In the first chapter of Chazown it talks about looking back on life and having regrets so I better figure out what I am here for.

I know it is more than working in corporate America but specifically what? To help people know who God is? To help people worship? To tell people church can be cool and not necessarily what they grew up knowing it to be? To help the church be relevant with technology? All of the above? Probably all of the above and some more that I need to realize still.

I know I get excited when I help promote The Edge, my heart beats faster, my brain works more creatively to promote and share what is happening there. Also it probably does not take more than 10 minutes into a conversation for me to start talking about church or music which then leads to talking about church.

Well, I think I am on track to figure out what I am here for but I may not truly figure it all out until my quiet times get better and some changes are made in parts of my life.


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