Random thoughts in my head right now

Easter is coming, how did it turn into bunnies and eggs? Bunnies don’t even lay eggs! Easter is the biggest day in the Christian faith just ahead of Christmas, if there was no Easter there would be no hope. There are plenty of religions out there and Easter is the one that separates them all. Jesus is the only one that got back out of the grave!

Now my kids will hunt for eggs and all of that but I want them to know that there is a bigger reason for the day.

I am still trying to get unstuck and still reading through the Chazown book.

I am camping in a driveway this Friday with Conner.
With this being our first year owning a camper I forgot to winterize. Now it was not that cold of a winter so hopefully everything is ok but we are going camping for real in April and I want to make sure none of the water lines cracked or anything before we head out of town and really need everything to work.

So I will be setting up the camper in the driveway of my mom’s where I keep it and Conner and I will have guys night and test out the camper to makes sure we will be good for the real trip.

I can’t wait for The Edge Easter Sunday!


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