Well, about a week ago Newspring Church held their 2nd annual Unleash! conference. If you have not heard of Newspring, they are a church down in the middle of nowhere in Anderson, SC, ever heard of it? I did not think so but in the middle of this little town is this church, kind of small, only about, lets see, Oh yea 8000 MEMBERS! Ok, sarcasm aside this large church is kickin’ butt for Jesus! Hmm that may not be the most spiritual way to put it but it is amazing to see what this church is doing.

The church is led by senior pastor Perry Noble who is a redneck 🙂 but more important

he is relevant in his teaching. Some consider him a little brash and arrogant but if you listen to him more than once you will realize he is messed up like the rest of us and points everything back to Jesus. Another point I respect is the fact that he purposely takes time off, even if he is in town, because he knows the church is not about him and if he leaves or “gets hit by a bus” the church will continue. When it comes down to it even when he is in your face about something he is usually correct he just has the boldness to come out and say some things that others don’t. Remember some people thought Jesus stirred the pot also. I am not comparing him to Jesus, just commending him on his boldness.

Much of the staff there are on the ball with how they feel ministry should be done and it is not the right way for everyone but they have some great ideas. Tony Morgan is another staff member who strives for excellence with the things they do he is a fairly well known strategic planner type who is helping push the ministry even more.

Last year we went to this conference they did called Unleash! and it just opened us up to so many ideas about how to help ministry grow. Unfortunately we were not able to pull it together to go this year but theyjust opened up the Unleash! website to watch Perry in the two main sessions along with notes from some of the break outs they did. I highly recommend you check it out.

What are you waiting for? Oh the link… Unleash!


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