Chapel worship and a rant

Well, I am looking forward to this Thursday! We were asked to lead worship at Carmel Christian School for their three  chapel services. It will be fun playing for these kids, we will be doing high energy stuff and kids seem to let go and get into it more than adults most of the time.

My goal is to help them worship, allow them to cut loose and have fun and most of all get them so pumped up that they don’t come down until the end of the day, sorry teachers! 🙂

I want these kids to start to think of worship as the most exciting thing they could attend, why should MTV or Nickelodean or Disney claim their attention when we have this huge God that loves us! Church and worship need to be the best thing they do each week and everything else should be compared to that, and still pale in comparison.

While I am thinking about it why do these companies spend billions on our kids attention and so many churches members have a hard time raising giving money to use to for a children’s or youth buiding and/or events that can help keep interest and secure their eternity with God. And we can’t do it halfway, don’t create a great children’s ministry and drop the ball on the youth because then you will have a huge bottle neck and start to lose them when they need that environment most.


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