What a crazy night!

First I will start with a quick background. Kelly’s grandmother went into the hospital Tuesday for knee surgery all seemed to be good.

Last night while helping run sound for Steve Fee we found out she stopped breathing, so Kelly and her sister took off for the hospital and told me to stay and keep running sound until they knew more about what was going on. Luckily another guy that runs sound was there and could do it all if I had to leave. She sent me a text that she was stabilized and doing better but pray.

It was very strange sitting behind the soundboard praying and listening to the band at that point singing some of the slower worship stuff. It felt awkward to pray while trying to pay attention but at the same time it was awesome hearing Steve sing and seeing about 1100 people worshiping. It was an awesome contradiction of feelings and emotions if that makes sense.

When everything was done I talked to the band and Steve asked where my girls where since he remembered them from the last time and I told him they went home with friends and gave him the quick scoop of what took place and they said they would pray for the situation.

I think the best thing about Steve Fee and his band is they do care, they are down to earth guys that love God and love to worship I hope they keep grounded as they continue to grow in popularity.

After that I took off to the hospital to check in  and she was doing better so we went home and continue to pray for a quick recovery from all of this.


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