Unstuck: Part 3

So in continuing to try and get “unstuck” from my previous posts (here and here) I am only about halfway through the Chazown book which is a easy read but I let myself get too busy to finish it.

I think about it constantly and want to finish it and along with that figure out what I am supposed to do, if anything.

Not to get overly spiritual but

I am not sure if the busyness stopping me is the enemy trying to distract me from a God sized vision and purpose or just life running it’s course and me not prioritizing my stuff to make the time I need to. Maybe a little of both.

I know what excites me, the passion that gets my heart pumping, and it is helping lead worship, marketing and being creative with graphics (logo,web, etc.), helping with technology whether it is running sound or with computers. I want the church to think different (please don’t sue me Apple 🙂 ) I want to get other people excited about God and what He does through His church. People should be so excited that we should not have a problem finding volunteers for things we should have waiting lists to get people plugged in.

Ever hear of the 80/20 rule? It basically says that 20% of the people do 80% of the work, sometimes in church I think it is more of a 90/10 rule. I should not even be able to apply that saying to church. God through Jesus has given us all the hope and excitement we could ever want or need through the best story in history so where is the disconnect? Is it lack of vision or excitement from church leadership? Is it poor planning? Or poor execution of the plan? I don’t know but I want to be a part of changing it somehow.

I or anyone can be an armchair quarterback and type in a blog or run our mouth but that only goes so far. I am plugged in, sometimes maybe too much, but I need to know His plan for my life because it is when I am in line with His plan and my purpose that awesome things can be accomplished, and not by my strength or talent alone but because I will be in a position to use the gifts and talents he gave me for his purpose. The band Pillar has a song called “Wherever The Wind Blows” and it says “Wherever the wind blows, you will find me there, standing exactly where I am supposed to be.” Basically, it is saying as God continues to move I want to be so in tune with Him that I continue to move with Him and always be where he wants me which is where I am supposed to be.

Time, it continues to fly by with no stopping it, I need to start making the most of it and not waste it so I can get to the point of being “Unstuck”


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