Happy 1st birthday to my blog!

I have been blogging for a year now! The thing that is cool about that is the history of thoughts and things that have happened. Even if no one else ever read this it is interesting for me to look back at posts I have written over the past year.

I spent some time looking back at some posts and realized something,

I am not great at sharing feelings it has always been an issue with me that I am trying to overcome but when I take time to write a post on this blog those feelings and thoughts come out. I think to a point it is the A.D.D., when I need to share things in a conversation I am counting the ceiling tiles before I finish my thought! 😀 Ok, it is not that bad but when I take time to sit and get my thoughts together for a post I can lasso my different thoughts into a somewhat coherent idea.

I think something I am going to try to do over this next year is blog even more and blog about some more personal things and if needed just make them private so I can still get the thought out but not necessarily let the world see.

Well happy birthday blog and here are a few of the most read posts out of almost 100 from last year:

A great quote and some ranting.

How’s your worship? How’s my worship?

Excellence should be expected

Ruth Graham and my wife

Furthering The Kingdom (and some ranting

Needs or wants…


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