Brain dump to catch up.

Kelly’s grandmother is back in the hospital please pray for her, she had knee replacement surgery and it got  infected… bad. It is doing much better now but she is still in there so they can make sure she progresses with her healing for a few more days.

Got a new truck two weeks ago and said bye to the old CR-V, boy that thing had memories. We got the CR-V one month before Kasey, our oldest, was born eleven years ago so it has been through all three kids and countless trips to different places.

I am loving the truck though, it’s a Chevy Silverado, the first American auto I have had in a long time. I hope reliability has gotten better over the years. All my truck loving friends tell me when it comes to trucks the American companies are a lot more reliable, I hope so! But I can tow a lot more now and don’t need to put unnecessary strain on the van, which is not really meant to tow.

We had baptism in The Edge on the 4th which was awesome! A special thanks to the folks at Elevation for letting us borrow their portable baptismal pool.

The 11am Edge is ending on the 18th of May, after the 18th we will not have the 11am service until the end of August. It was started as a 4 week trial and went so well it was extended until now which was about 3 months. The problem? We really don’t have enough volunteers to keep 11 going right now so we are going to start it back up when people are choosing their options for bible study at the end of Summer so people can plan for The Edge as a worship option which it was not last Summer. Too many people did not want to leave their bible study in the middle of the year.

NIGHT OF WORSHIP! We are doing another one! I suggested the name Uncontainable for the theme of the night which is not set in stone but I think it will be. We are going to start planning this week and it is scheduled for Friday May 30th

More to come…


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