Going camping “Carmel style”

We are getting ready to go camping again to the Carmel camp out, and we are trying to plan out everything since we have a little more experience now so that we don’t

mooch so much off friends, the issue is we have a very small fridge in our camper so it is hard to bring food that needs to stay cold. I am looking at plug in coolers to see if that will help but thinking through other types of food also.

We have some great friends that probably don’t think we are mooching, (or do they?) but we feel like we do. Maybe it is because we are from the north and still are not completely used to southern hospitality (even though we have been down here for almost 13 years!).

Well, we are looking forward to going and Heath and I will be leading worship again, hopefully we will have good weather and not deal with a flooding river through our site like we did on the last Carmel camp out!


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