Back in the swing of things since camping

Well, I am back from camping, we had a good time, we are getting better at the whole camping thing which is cool. On Saturday Heath and I led an acoustic worship time, I always forget how different it is to do lead guitar type stuff on acoustic!

It was still a great time, Greg did not have any run-ins with the law this time so that is always good. 🙂 Best of all…

it only rained for a little bit and it was after we went to bed and done by time we woke up.

The one bummer was when we were just about to pull in to the campground my truck beeped at me and a little notification came up saying tire pressure was low on the rear passenger tire. Cool feature, thought it was strange for it to be low since I just got the truck about 3-4 weeks ago, until I got out and heard the hissing, I had some kind of rivet looking thing stuck in there. Fortunately there was a tire repair shop about 5 minutes away, unfortunately it was closed by time we got up there and had to wait until Saturday morning, the next morning and only $3 later it was fixed though. Having the truck for camping this time was awesome.

Also went on a 8.8 mile bike ride along a trail that followed the New River, good experience and I am glad we did it. I can definitely see doing that again in the future, the only down side was a restroom was needed by my younger daughter and there were none for about 6 miles and the after effect of riding a bike, something I have not done in about 15 years… um,  let’s just say I wish the thing had a softer seat!

One thing I realized it is a pain to get ready to go camping but it is great to relax and enjoy our time with friends and family while finally there, the bummer is the last day of clean up and breaking down the camper to drive home and unpack and have a boatload of laundry because even the clean stuff needs to be cleaned to get rid of the campfire smell. I do think it is worth all of that to have quality time away from the “rat race” of everyday life.


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