Uncontainable and unbelievable

God was in that room last night, what an unbelievable time of worship!

The feedback I have been getting from people in person and from The Edge website has been awesome, people were truly moved and it is humbling. I can spout off times as a band we missed something or I hit a wrong chord or something and it does not matter. The one thing we consistently pray is that people don’t see us, and they don’t see these as concerts but that we as a band worship first because we can’t lead people to where we are not ourselves. What is awesome is God will still lead each person in spite of us. It is all of that that makes us not worry so much but go out and play and worship with excellence, not perfection but excellence.

I am still physically and emotionally drained and it has been over 24 hours now! I am stoked for worship tomorrow morning, I am praying that the uncontainable worship from last night carries over to tomorrow morning. I can’t wait to once again be a part of an amazing group of people that get to do this every week for as long as God allows us to.

I don’t know what else to say but I am humbled.


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