Conversation, what a concept…

This past weekend was great. It was Kelly’s birthday on Saturday so after Kara’s last softball game of the season we headed out of town for the night. The strangest thing happened though…

We talked! Whether it is a date night or a getaway like we did it is such a necessity to have time as husband and wife. We, as I assume most people, have a problem of letting schedules run us instead of the other way around, if that is not most people then pray for us! 🙂

I told Heath that I was taking off a week from The Edge back on Monday, which is rare for me. I just knew Kelly and I needed time and her birthday was the best time to do it.

I got Kelly a massage from a spa at the hotel to help her relax and the great part was I had enough Hilton Honor Points that the hotel was free. Not trying to sound like a cheapskate on her birthday but it allowed us the getaway at a very nice hotel without the cost that we would normally incur.

It is so hard to make quality time for each other with three kids, work, homework, activities, Edge band, her college classes and everything that goes with all of that. We need to do a better job though because our marriage was drowning in it all. Getting away for her birthday turned out to be a gift for both of us and out marriage though and I thank God for the time and pray that now that we are in Summer and many commitments are on hiatus we can do a better job of getting our priorities straight.

The great thing about this weekend was it was a great reminder to me of how much I love and appreciate my wife and how I need to always put those emotions and words into action.

The best advise I can ever give is get away once in a while! Even if your getaway is somewhat local it is important so that you can be husband and wife apart from mom and dad, it can do wonders to have conversation.


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