First up, I helped lead worship yesterday with Heath out of town. I consider anyone on stage as someone that helps lead worship but yesterday I truly led, singing and guitar, it was wild.

I have led on a campout before on Acoustic years ago but this was a first in church for a normal service. While playing guitar I have never had stage fright, ever. I always thought that was a little odd for someone like me that can seem reserved at times but to me it was a good thing. Now getting ready to do this I wondered how it would affect me,

it (thank God) was about the same. I had a nervous excitement just before going out to kick things off  but that was it. The downside was I am not sure I really worshiped since I was so concerned about not messing up the words and staying in key. It was a privilege to have the opportunity after years of singing backup trying to get comfortable with my voice for lead. I got some really good feedback from a bunch of people which was encouraging also. At this point my first time is now behind me, so if and when there is a next time I will hopefully relax a little more!

Tonight our fuel group (youth home group) is meeting again to say goodbye to some friends as they move down to Atlanta, they are a great family and will be missed.

Kelly, her sister and our kids are all going to upstate NY this weekend so I will have a bachelor weekend! 🙂 It will mostly consist of getting some things done around the house, catching up on a few movies I have been wanting to see on DVD and at this point nothing else, which is just fine with me. A few other possible plans but nothing in stone yet.

More to come…


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