Bachelor weekend ready for launch

That title makes it sound like I have this exciting weekend planned, I don’t. Like I said on my last postI have things I have been needing to get done around the house and a few movies I wanted to watch and just chill out some.

I am thinking with the time I will have it will give me a great opportunity for a lot of quiet times with God. I know I need it right now especially to process all the things going on in my life to get myself “Unstuck“.

Otherwise, I am looking forward to The Edge this Sunday as usual and I may be going to the studio to lay down a track that will be used as a soundtrack for a video but have not heard back yet as to the details.

Also, just found that my grandmother and Aunt are flying to Wilmington, NC to visit another aunt that has cancer and is not doing well at all they don’t think she has more that a few weeks left. The slight upside is they have a layover in Charlotte on Sunday so I will take a trip up to the airport to see them, just wish it was for a different reason.


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