The guitar post: part 1

Ok I get questions about guitar a lot so I will answer some of them in a few posts, feel free to ask a question if you want.

How long have you been playing? I have been playing for about 15 years on and off.I did not play for about a year after moving and then played bass for a few years.

What kind of gear do you use? Ibanez RG570 jewel blue and Ibanez SZ520 Transparent Green, Line6 PODxt Live that I typically go direct into the sound board with unless we are playing out somewhere then I go into an old Ampeg SS150 head with a Crate 4 12 cabinet.

Who are your guitar influences? I think everyone you listen to can teach you something but a few people that have influenced me include:Steve Vai (just amazing!), B.B. King (can put more feeling into 2 or three notes than anyone.) Ace Frehley (he is not that great but KISS were a musical influence), Zakk Wylde (He was from the town next to mine, which was cool.) Tony Palmucci (my guitar teacher and was guitarist for Keel, Baton Rouge and last I heard, Dee Snider.) I try to learn something from anyone I listen to or have the chance to play with though, whether it is Pat Methany doing Jazz or Jonny Lang doing blues or Phil Keaggy or whoever.

Check out Part 2


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