Mr. Mom, why not Mr. Dad?

And so it begins, this morning at about 5:25 Greg and his family were here to pick up Kelly and go to the church to get on the busses and head of to Daytona Beach FL for youth camp which is being led by
Louie Giglio and worship by Chris Tomlin this year.

They did not get off to a good start, one of the buses got a flat tire which set them all about an hour behind if not more.

As for me I just dropped Conner off to the Lil’ Gym with a little friend of his. He has been bored with out school during the Summer, the girls are old enough to have things to do and keep them busy but with Conner only 4 he can get busy but only for spurts then he gets bored and bugs his sisters. So all that to say we figured signing him up for this for 3 days this week for 3 hours each day will at least help him stay active and pass some time.

So far so good, and this is dad stuff also so I delcare this being Mr. Dad not Mr. Mom, Just because the Mom typically will do this stuff does not mean it is not part of being a Dad. I am man, hear me roar! šŸ™‚


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