Back to normal

Well, Kelly is back from Youth Camp as of last Friday night.

You know they say that when you switch time zones it can take one day for every hour of time difference to get adjusted and over jet lag, I think a similar theory applies to youth camp even though it was the same time zone, I am pretty sure it will take a good week for Kelly to get back to normal and catch up on sleep. She had a great time and the worship and preching she heard was excellent but if you ever went on a camp like that you know how exhausting it can be.

Now we have a week as a family before sending the girls off to childrens camp but I will see them for three nights since we were asked to lead worship for them. We will be driving down about 2 hours each way for  three nights, a little crazy and hectic but will probably be fun.

The we all go to the beach as a family for a week, I can’t wait!


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