Home is where you hang your hat.

That is a saying I have heard over the years, but what if you have two hat racks?

A pastor friend of mine recently posted on his blog about people that take from different churches without truly supporting one church as a home church and I have to admit it gets me fired up also. Unfortunately some people have gotten angry over his post, ironically he is obviously being supportive of both churches he mentions and the pastor of the other church seems to feel the same based on a blog post he did a while ago. (I have the link if you are interested)

We live in a society where we just want what we want, we come first. I am not saying I am totally above that, I am nowhere near perfect but I learned from an experience a long time ago that we should not be at a church just to follow a pastor (or worship style or whatever) because he can (and did in our case) move on and then where is your heart (we stayed).

It is understandable to me that you want to enjoy your worship experience but once you are plugged in hang your hat and your heart and serve. I have had times where I thought I did not agree with something (speaking from a preference perspective not moral or biblical) but it is not about me, it is about trusting the vision that God has given the senior pastor of the church you or I serve. That can be hard but it is like any family, you support it when it is up and you still support it when it is down, not walk out. Although these are the times we live in, with people walking out on marriages and families why would we not walk out on a church.

It is sad, very sad. If God has led you to a church, support it with all you have. The body is made up of many parts, God will lead you becuase you have a part that compliments that body. Having you heart split between two places does neither any good and is self serving.

You can’t say you really prayed about a change of your church home and then split time between two because you like the pastor at one, the childrens ministry at one, maybe the worship and the Wednesday night dinners at another! God intended unity first to him but there should be unity for a local body, one church home to support for the larger common goal of spreading the word of God.

I almost did not want to write this because I did not want to add fuel to a fire but it stirs a passion in me and I had to get my thoughts out.


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