The Guitar Post: Part 2

Again People often ask me questions after a service or just during the week so continuing with the Q&A from Part one here is part 2:

If I am going to learn guitar how should I start? I suggest starting on an acoustic, from a kids point of view it may not be as fun as electric but It helps in the long run. It takes more finger strength to play acoustic so to build that strength when starting out makes everything else easier down the road. So get an acoustic (and they have 3/4 size ones for smaller hands) and start learning the basic chords and the notes up the strings.

Do you teach lessons? Yes I do, but because I value my family time and responsibilities I only take a limited number of students.

Do you teach how to read music? I do not, I can read music but v e r y  s l o o o o o w. I wish I started when I was younger and I would recommend it but I learned early on that I have a very good ear for music and it took me less time to listen to a song and learn it then it did to read the music for it. So I appreciate the gift of having a good ear and being able to learn that way but I probably short-changed myself as a musician by not building that knowledge.

So how do you learn songs for worship and teach? When we learn songs for the worship band we use chord charts which give us the basic flow of the song. They are sheets with the words to the song and the chord letters (i.e. E, D, C) above the words. The specific guitar parts I learn by ear. When I teach, I still hit all the theory such as chords and scales but also hit “real world” theory like knowing when not to play which may sound crazy but is extremely important to being a good musician.

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