What about Bob?

You need to read this article about Microsoft basically saying that they need to offer the “Apple experience”. As funny as it is they are right. If a brand is what people feel you are or represent then Apple has got it going on because the Apple brand elicits emotion, Just say Apple to a tech person and it brings up a passion, good or bad. Apple is more than a Mac or iPod or iPhone it is an all encompassing end to end passion and as much as I actually enjoy tinkering with pc’s and windows I love the Apple brand and products. A computer is not going to make you cool but an Apple sure makes you feel that way and that is part of the experience Microsoft is going for.

Think they can pull it off? Personally I don’t but when they start trying I hope they do better than Bob. What is Bob?  An interface Microsoft created back in the 90’s to make windows more friendly to help compete with the Apple Macintosh’s easy interface. Heard of it? Probably not, it was a complete failure.


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