Everyone is asking… My Father: part one

The situation with my father started about two yrs ago when he found out he had lung cancer. He smoked like a chimney and would always say “you have to die of something” but on that day two years ago when it became reality he quit cold turkey.

He began Chemo and radiation

and it hit him hard but he began to adjust and his body began to get stronger. They told him they can’t cure it but can treat it to prolong his life and he was doing well. After about two years he was doing very well until he found out it spread to his brain. The spots were very small so they wanted to hit it hard to see if they could get a hold of it. After the last round of radiation he was very weak and found out he had an infection so on 8/21 they brought him in the hospital to get a better idea of what was going on.

My stepmom called me and said it does not look good and I better get up to NJ to see him, after talking with the doctors she said I could probably wait until after my trip to Dallas for work and come up for Labor Day weekend so I can spend more time. That Saturday he was not doing well again so I flew up that day to see him. (Not that I cared at that point but wow listen to people when they say it is cheaper to book a flight in advance!)

When I got there he was Jaundice but honestly was not looking as bad as I was expecting and mentaly he was tired but “with it” and was able to have a conversation. Suday morning we went back to the hospital to see him and had a very interesting run in with a Catholic Administer of the Host (I think that is what he was called, he was not a priest.) I will post on that another time though. Sunday afternoon I was back at the airport headed back to Charlotte to get in around 9:30 at night and be back at the airport 6am the next day for Dallas.

I really left feeling that they would treat the infection and he would get his strength backand be back home. That Wednesday in Dallas I got a call that he tried to get out of bed and fell and was doing worse. Ironically this is while having a great time catching up with the Lillards who were very good friends that moved to Dallas about 5or 6 years ago. Talk about mixed emotions. We finished out night and I never heard anything else from my family that night so off to bed I went.

The next morning there was a knock at my hotel room door which I felt like I was going to beat someone for waking me up when I thought it was someone knocking on the wrong door. I looked through the peephole and saw my boss, so next thought was I overslept and the alarm did not workso I was running late. I opened the door and he said Kelly called him and my family was trying to get in touch with me, I knew at that point why. My phone was on the charger and on vibrate so I missed about 6 calls from various family members while sleeping starting at about 4am Dallas time.

I called Kelly and my stepmom to get the scoop and basically they said he gave up and pulled out the IV’s, they said he was never in pain so that was good but he still gave up. My stepmother said it will be a few days before any plans were made so I did not need to rush up there. My first thought was to get a flight as soon as I landed back in Charlotte the next day but in talking with my boss he just said to go and do what I need to do to be with my family so I changed the flight from Charlotte to Newark NJ to go be with my family.

Ok, this is long enough I will post some more soon, wanted to at least get the basic facts out there. Thanks again to everyone for thier support through this.


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