DMV Annoyance

Ok, so I got two things going on, my license is due for renewal which means the dreaded DMV office, the forever wait in line and inefficiency known as DMV. Unless things have gotten more efficient at the DMV which would be great but I highly doubt it I need to get that done before my trip to Jacksonville coming up in less than a month.

The second thing which really gets me annoyed is I got a notice that I need to pay for a new plate, the one with red letters.

There is nothing wrong with my old blue letter plate but now I need to pay money for a new one? That just drives me crazy. I think it was a way to just get more money out of everyone because I have not heard a good reason as to why. Maybe it can be seen a little better? There are people that turn in plates all the time due to moves or people not driving anymore and people getting new cars and plates so why not just phase it in instead of hitting people up?

In the scheme of life I know this is not that big of a deal but it is just a pet peave that was on my mind and needed to vent.

Do you have any DMV stories? We can share our pain and create a support group. Hi, my name is Keith and I am annoyed with the DMV. 🙂


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