Are you fired up?

So, where are you? Hot, cold, luke warm?

This may be more of a…

rhetorical question but for those reading this feel free to leave a comment if you want.

When was the last time you were really fired up about something?  So when was the last time you were fired up about God? Personally I want my toes stepped on in a sermon, I want a battle cry to “rally the troops”. I know I can’t always rely on other people to get me on an emotional high. I also know a hyped up emotional high is not everything, otherwise it would be a bunch ADHD mass hysteria. But I would love to always have that fire in me,  to be fired up outwardly as well as fired up in silence by myself and  have that yearn to read, learn and pray with passion.

I admit I like being comfortable and that is part of the problem, most people do. There is nothing wrong with comfort until it makes us idle. So how can we keep that passion without getting too comfortable? How can we live in the day and still live in the faith? We are told we can have an abundant life.

Don’t know that I have the answers. In John the Bible says (roughly) that He came to give us life, not a boring, depressing, COMFORTABLE life but life to the full or abundant life! Sounds like we are missing out when we settle for comfort. I wonder if God looks at us and thinks I told you that life in Me will be abundant, full, awesome, so why do you settle for comfortable?

In a simple thought why settle for a scoop of vanilla when you can have 3 scoops of chocolate and sprinkles, hot fudge, whip cream and a cherry? Too much effort? Too busy caught up in finding the ergonomic ice cream scoop instead of using a spoon because we think it will make it easier but end up missing out because we got too side tracked? Wait, lets pray about where the ergonomic scoop is… Lame example I know but I think it makes my point. We get off track, want things our way and at times idle praying for things to happen but never participate to help make them happen.

These are just some things going through my mind right now and needed to get them out.


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