Black and Blues

I think we caught a lot of people off guard yesterday, and from what I have heard that is a good thing! The senior pastor at our church is doing a series called True Colors and yesterday was Black and Blue. We never…

…want the service to get stale so we decided to make it Black and Blues! The auditorium was decorated to resemble The House of Blues and it looked really good. I loaded up my iPod with a bunch of blues tunes for the pre-service music and we even kicked things off with B.B. King on video singing about why he sings the blues. We then kicked in with an entire set of blues music. Now this is church so it was Christian Blues music… I think that is an oxymoron but you know what I mean, blues style music.

It was fun and people still worshipped  and it was different enough that it seemed to have people talking all day. The best part, we are doing it again next week so if you were not there this past Sunday don’t miss this Sunday, it will be even better. We have two friends coming to give us some help on keys and harmonica, it should be awesome, I am already stoked!


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