Black and Blues part II

Yesterday was phenomenal, at least to me! 🙂 Our second week of playing the blues with the addition of harmonica just added a great feel.

We actually had people ask “Are we supposed to have that much fun in church?” That really caught me in a good and bad way.

Good, because it was obvious that people enjoyed it and still worshiped.
Bad, or should I say sad, because it is obvious that whether through tradition and/or upbringing there is a segment of people that don’t think church should or could be fun.

God who created us and takes joy in us and wants us to have joy through Him would want us bored to tears? Where is the abundant life he promises in the Bible if that is what is expected in His House? You can still have respect and reverence while having fun. Why would anyone want to know more about God if we have to look and truly be miserable in the process?!

I have fun at church do you? Fun should not come at the expense of good biblical teaching but if the core of the church is sound then there should be no reason to think God wants us miserable to feel more spiritual!


2 thoughts on “Black and Blues part II

  1. D. Carmichael says:

    You took the words right out of my mouth. The past two weeks were really phenomenal! We really enjoyed the Edge Black n Blues. Church is fun and is energizing which hopefully will spread to those lazy folks.. What a way to start a week. We are here to participate in worship not just stand and watch the band play. By the way, I would pay just to watch the band play. We don’t thank you (Edge Band) enough for volunteering to play each week. You guys are superb and talented. Thank you for making The Edge fun. Did I say fun?

  2. I am glad you enjoyed it! I honestly don’t know that people that don’t participate are necessarily lazy and I guess we can’t fault some that had the upbringing I mentioned. The best thing we can do is continue to lead and hope that the freedom (and fun) of worship will overflow and people will eventually feel comfortable.

    I would be arrogant to say everyone has to agree with me and do what I think but at the same time God does not want robots he wants and deserves our passion.

    I know I speak for the entire band when I say thanks for the encouragement. As far as paying to see us… We would be happy to start charging you to watch us. 🙂 Just kidding. It is an honor to do it, we all truly love having the opportunity.

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