Camping in the cold, The Edge, and stuff

(Oops, forgot to post this last week) Well first, there has been a lot going on at work, a deadline to get something done and if you follow me on twitter you know that Murphy’s Law was kicking in big time. By the chance someone does not know what that is, it is the “law” that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. I was getting attacked left and right! Well that item is now complete, I also was finishing up a website for someone and that is about complete but with these two items there were some very late nights put in. It feels good to get them behind me becasue I need to get ready to go camping!
This weekend we are going to the mountains to camp and yes it will be cold. Our pop-up camper has heat but since it is a pop-up there really is no insulation, the heat escapes like crazy. It will still be fun though, I have learned to really enjoy these trips because once you are set up you are almost forced to sit and relax.

Also The Edge band will be leading worship at the campout so Sara Scott will be filling in at The Edge this week. Sara has filled in before but if you have not heard her you will be in for a great time of worship.


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