Gas is getting cheap again…

3 wheel scooterSo what the heck is this?

I was driving on a local road yesterday and saw the 3 wheel scooter. I was torn, was it cheesey or cool. I am still not sure but it did get my attention, the one thought I always have whether it is something like that or one of those new little smart cars, how quick will death occur in an accident?


Not trying to be morbid but seriously there are still plenty of trucks and Hummers on the road and I would much rather be in a small Toyota Corolla or Hyundai Elantra then one of these gas saving wonders. I applaude the inginuity to desing these gas savers, but no thanks. I want to know I can survive a 10 mile per hour fender bender at the least, that is more important to me than saving $20 per tank of gas.


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