Global Outreach Weekend

What a weekend! Our focus at the church this weekend was outreach the tag line was: God of this world, God of this city and God of this church… 

Friday night was God of this world and we had the Daraja childrens choir from Africa come and sing for us at the church, around 1400 people showed up. The story of these kids was amazing and for what little they have the Joy and trust in God they have is phenomenal. We are spoiled here in the U.S. even with the economic issues we are having right now. Also Greg King shared how our church board approved a 3yr commitment to work with 410bridge to partner with a community in Africa with money and people to go help with projects.

Saturday night was God of this city and we had Fee which is Steve Fee and his band. If you are not familiar with them they are somewhere between a worship band and a rock band. I was there early to help set up sound and this was about the third time getting to hang out with the guys and they are a great group of guys. Also got to meet Steve’s wife and chat with her some about family stuff. Just a great night.

Sunday Morning was God of this church and in each service we had videos of different people sharing mission trip experiences and ways people in our church have been involved in helping others. It was a great view into people getting outside of themselves.

The other thing yesterday was Heath was out of town so we (the band) led the service, each singing a different song or two. This is only the second time I have done that so it was wild and probably safe to say that it went ok but I will not be giving up lead guitar for lead singer anytime soon!


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