S.O.A.P. it’s not just for the shower anymore.

First a thanks to a good friend for sharing this with me recently, indirectly, through Fuel Groups.(Our Sunday night youth small group time I help lead.) The best thing about journaling with soap is the focus and intentionality (is that a word?) of the time.

Basically what it stands for is:

S- Scripture
O- Observation
A- Application
P- Prayer

So how does it work? We will save that for next time.

Just kidding. The journal he gave us has a bible reading plan in the front, you don’t need to use if you don’t want to but I did just to get off to a good start.

So first Pray that God would reveal something to you in the verses you are about to read.
Then read the Scripture of the day, if you miss a day don’t beat yourself up just get back on track as soon as you can.

Once a verse stands out to you or speaks to you in some way write it down in the journal, there is your “S”

Next is “O” for Observation, what is happening in the verse(s) you wrote down. Describe what you see and what stood out to you. How or why is God calling that to your attention?

“A” is for Application, how can you apply what you observed? We as people are more informed than ever, 24 hour news cycle, computers, the internet, do you really think God wants to just give us more information? Probably not, He wants us to learn and apply what we learned. We can read and pray ourselves into a coma, we need to take action. So how can you apply what you observed/learned?

Lastly, “P” is for Prayer. Write a prayer to help you retain that “A ha” moment. Also, ask for help and guidance in using what you learned to make a lasting change.

I can honestly say it has been the best quiet times I have ever had, not to say I have not had good ones but I am A.D.D enough, to have an unstructured quiet time only goes so far. The structure this gives really keeps me still and chewing on stuff longer than I would typically. This is still new to me but so far I highly recommend this way of doing things. The best part is you don’t need a special journal to do it, grab a notebook and open the bible, that is all it takes.


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