Night of worship, “top of our lungs”?

It is finally official, we are planning another night of worship! We had planned to have one back in the Fall and various things popped up that delayed it but we are on track now.

It looks like Friday March 6th will be the night, at 7pm. I am sure there will be child care but will pass on those details as soon as I know more. Also, I think we are calling this one “At The Top Of Our Lungs” and it will be in the Auditorium at Carmel as the past few have been.

I am so excited, I love the planning of these and I obviously love the actual night, the only thing I don’t like is how it seems to end so quick. It’s like a rollercoaster, you wait in line with anticipation but then the ride is over so quick. It is awesome while you are doing it though!

I will be working on a logo like I have done with the past ones, and will post more info as it is available and sured up, so stay tuned!


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