Big God, little details

Wow, read through part of Exodus this morning and again was amazed at the relevance of the Old Testament. Often Christians get so focused on the New Testament that I think we forget that the Old Testament is part of the Bible for a reason…

In reading through about God’s command to build the tabernacle and eventually The Ark, it is amazing to see initially the plan in place and the details to make it happen. It talks about the skills and gifts that God gives to each person to acomplish His work.

Think about that, that is awesome right there. I mean if you really let that simmer that can be the only thing you read today and gain so much from it. God is telling us right there that we have worth, he has gifted all of us. Not everyone has the same gifts but we all have something that we can use to accomplish something for Him. I do think not everyone knows or understands what their gift/purpose is and there can be a time of learning and understanding but it does not change the fact that we all have something.

Next is the amount of details given to build the Tabernacle and Ark. Even though He gifted His people to do the work He is still involved in the day to day details by telling them what he wants. Now we may not always get a “punch list” of to-dos but God still wants to be intimately involved in the process. Why? Who am I? One of His! If you have children you know how you can take joy in working with your kids through projects or just life situations. But we also allow them to do things on their own to learn and grow while still watching to see how they do. There is still sort of an indirect interaction. I believe that is the same thing that God does with us. A big God that wants to be involved with all the little details of our lives.


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