I want to be a failure… Like Peter.

Strange title, I know. And in many areas I got the failure part down, with some I am a pro! So what am I talking about?

After watching a Craig Groeshel video I had a more complete picture of Peter and as often as he failed he still became a great man of god.

Think about this…

  • Peter after hearing the plan of Jesus said he will not let that happen, missing the point of why Jesus was here and Jesus told him, “Get behind me satan.” Wow, rough.
  • Next, out on the boat. Jesus was walking on the water and Peter asked if he could do it also. Jesus said “Get out of the boat.” Peter did, he stepped out and began to walk on the water until he took his eyes off Jesus and focused on the storm, down he went, into the water. Fail.
  • Another was when Jesus was going to be arrested, Peter drew his sword and cut off the ear of a soldier, again not going with the plan that was set in place.
  • Next, a big one. Three times people asked Peter if he was with, or knew Jesus, we know where this goes. Peter denied Jesus three times and as prophesied he heard the rooster.

After the ressurection, Jesus was with Peter and offered His grace and forgiveness in spite of the failures. Move over to the day of Penticost and who is the one speaking and leading about 3,000 to Christ? Peter.

That should give every one of us hope. We all screw up some a little, some are monumental but God can and will still use us. He can use those failures to mold us and help us learn. Like I said, I want to be a failure, like Peter.


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