South campus, the word is out.

Yesterday our senior pastor, Dr. Poplin, came over to The Edge service at 9:30 and 11 to make an announcement about his vision from about three years ago to “Extend There”.

That announcement was that after a period of time where he felt doors closing for a south campus, recently he felt God opening doors in a big way. What does that mean? Carmel will be planting a church in the Waxhaw area, a suburb south of the Charlotte/Matthews area we are currently located in, and it will begin in the August time frame.

This announcement was made in the Edge services first because there will be an impact on The Edge. They have asked The Edge leadership to be the pioneers to start the new campus. So what does that mean? Greg King, Ralph Owen, and Heath Nestor will be the leadership with Greg being the “Teaching Pastor”. Instead of trying to replace those positions in The Edge we will begin a transition time to unified worship in the sanctuary with some of the best aspects of worship from the various services.

First for people who plan to stay at Carmel we will help transition them through the changes that are coming over the next several months in various ways. Second for those that feel led to go south and be pioneers themselves and help grow this church plant, there will be steps that we will take to help them be involved and transition also.

This will be an exciting time for Carmel with many prayers needed. Although we realize it will be difficult in many ways we also recognize that God never calls people to be comfortable and stay in one place to accomplish great things.

The Edge is not disappearing yet, again this transition will take place over many months prior to gearing up for the August south launch.

Greg, Ralph and Heath are probably best to answer questions but as Ralph said yesterday, feel free to ask any of us questions and we will answer as best we can.  Also feel free to use the contact page at The Edge website and I will make sure those are forwarded to the right people.


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