South Campus: Here’s the scoop

Ok, so there have been a lot of questions to me personally and to me on twitter about south campus and the details of what is going on so here is some scoop.

As I said in a previous post this is part of a vision that Dr. Poplin our Senior Pastor had about 3-4 yrs ago.

This WILL NOT be “Carmel Baptist South”, this will be a church plant in the Waxhaw area on Cuthbertson Rd. at Cuthbertson Middle School.

Carmel will support the plant for approximately three years. During that time it will be considered a ministry of Carmel but the goal is that at the end of the three years, or earlier, the new (not officially named) church will be self sufficient and be it’s own church and identity.

  • Again it will be led by Greg King- teaching pastor (full time), Ralph Owen- Team Pastor (part-time) and Heath Nestor- Worship Leader (part-time).
  • The purpose is to reach people in the Waxhaw area who do not attend church, not simply to provide a closer meeting place for Carmel members.

Many questions have been asked about worship and here is the scoop on that.

  • There is a vision to do “Unified worship” at Carmel, basically Dr. Poplin describes this as bringing the strongest elements of  “Edge”, Contemporary and Traditional into one service that will be best suited for the message that week.
  • Because of this vision, The Edge would have faded away anyway, and eventually so will the Traditional, and there will be just one type of worship at Carmel.
  • People have asked if this will be The Edge with Greg preaching, not “officially”, but the worship style and environment I believe comes from how God uses the people he puts in place. For example, you are not going to have worship with Heath and the rest of the band doing Southern Gospel, that is not the style we play, it will continue to be a modern, energetic style that was experienced at The Edge. This will also include using various types of media and creative environments using visual arts to help set up and support the message’s big idea.

There will be a Sunday morning childrens ministry from the get go.

There will be a student ministry but somewhat scaled down from Carmel initially until volunteers and staff grow.

There will be home groups for adults instead of the traditional Sunday morning bible study.

Hopefully that will help answer some of the questions we have been hearing recently. There is a lot of change and we are just praying through this time of transition and would appreciate the prayers of others.


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