Say hello to Five Stones Church!


It is as official as can be now! Five Stones Church is the name for the new south campus church plant!

So what else is public knowledge now?

Well the name was chosen from the story of David, a man after God’s own heart. As Pastor Greg put it, “If  I were going to fight a giant I would pick a big nasty jagged rock that could do some damage but David picked up 5 smooth ones which would slice through the air with a laser like focus.” We want this church to not be focused or held back by traditions of the past but be an essential church that focuses on God. A main focus is reaching people that do not attend church, it will not be a “Seeker” church. There are churches that focus on the lost and those that focus on developing believers, this church will focus on God first and do it in a relevant way to attract those who do not know him and help the ones that do go into the community to act out their faith in a tangible way.

Vision and Values:

Vision: Christ followers that are changing the community and the world by actively living out their faith.

Five Core Values Represented by the Five Stones:
Love God
Share Life
Apply Truth
Invest Now
Engage Culture

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