More on Five Stones

So is church a cruise ship or a battleship? At the Five Stones Church rally Friday night that was the topic.

We set up the auditorium to look like the deck of a ship and called it the S.S. FiveStones.

A little trivia for you, what does S.S. stand for in a ship name? First person to answer gets…

A pat on the back and a boost in their ego! 🙂

So anyway we (the band) were out there and Heath (worshipleader) came out dressed like a corny ship director dubbed Jonny Cruise. And he attempted to tell some jokes and then do some sing alongs. We played parts of Rock the boat, Sail Away, The Love Boat theme and Ralph came out and said “What are you guys doing?” Heath, er, Jonny said “We are entertaining them and having a good time which is what the people want, like Greg asked.” We were then told we missed part of what Greg actually said.

The whole point was to stress that church is not just meant to be a place where you come to be entertained but a place where people get charged up to go out and share your story, where there is a mission to accomplish and where people are honored for that service. It was a good reminder and a way that we are trying to make Five Stones Church a little different than what a church will a lot of history and tradition can sometimes do. Not so much focus on us but focus on others and reaching people.

One of the things we are also going to do is have a volunteer service and then the regular community service. One of the biggest things we hear are “We served at a small church before and we understood the need but we missed out on X number of years of messages and corporate worship.” So we will have a volunteer service to resolve that issue and from what we know so far there are no other churches doing that and there is actually another church that will be following this model we are doing to see how it works for them to possibly implement.

These are exciting times! Go check out www.fivestoneschurch.comFive Stones Church on Facebook (and download some desktop wallpaper), and follow them on twitter @5stoneschurch oh, follow me on twitter also! 🙂


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