Edge worship is finished and a new season begins.


The Edge is officially done so don’t show up to the “Uptown Auditorium” Sunday Morning, we will not be there. No loud worship, no lights, no hazer, no video, nothing… but an empty room. There is a piece of me that is sad and will miss The Edge as I know many others will. When we look back over the past few years…

so much has happened. Above is the original logo, it was created when we started the service in the ROC.

I remember the first few months we got some strange and condemning looks because we all wore jeans and t shirts at a church that was and continues to be “business casual”. I also remember being asked if it was a concert and if we were playing AC/DC  because it was so loud. 🙂 I also had some misconceptions, I assumed it would mostly be students and a younger crowd. To my happy surprise it was all ages, I even asked a guy who was in his 50’s why he wanted to try The Edge, his response was “My generation was the first to grow up with rock music, why wouldn’t I want to worship with that style?”

During that time we also rotated host pastors between Ralph, Greg and Bill.

We took a little break in the Summer of 07 for about a month as we prepared to move into the newly built “Uptown Auditorium”.

When we moved in I feel it upped our ability for excellence in many ways from the sound and environment to having a consistent host pastor. Creatively we took a leap forward, we also had a new logo. Edge logo new

So much has happened since then, a bunch of nights of worship (Ignite, Flood, Big, Uncontainable and Top Of Our Lungs), the bigger barns video, LaGrange version of Amazing Grace, people writing struggles they had on mirrors, (which for weeks we lined up from the green room to the stage so that we could pray and focus on why we do what we do.) We did Black and Blues where we did 2 weeks of blues music and the auditorium was decorated to resemble the House of Blues.

A lot of great stuff.

A new season begins now though. A season for us to reach another community and in some different ways. All of us (the band) are committed as we follow and support Greg King who will be the lead pastor, Ralph and Heath to Waxhaw and start a new church, Five Stones Church.


We realize, not everyone that supported us in The Edge can or will go to Five Stones and that is ok. Not everyone feels called to help plant a church. One thing I know is God does not call us to be comfortable and I sometimes think “Did I (or we) get comfortable at Carmel and The Edge?” Before I get any “nastygrams”, I am not putting down Carmel! Carmel has been my church home for about 13 yrs but each person is at a different place in life and I think there have been some things that have changed in me.

I believe following God is and should always be an adventure. If you think God created the universe then how can it be boring and comfortable to follow him. I think that is the difference between what people have, in some instances, turned church into and what God intended for his people and the larger “church”. Change will happen and an opportunity like Five Stones will take most all of us out of our comfort zone and I think that is the best place to be. Us being uncomfortable forces us to trust and rely more on God and remove any ego we may have.

This church will not about me, the band, Heath, Ralph or Greg. It is about God using all of us extremely imperfect people to reach the community of Waxhaw and possibly show them that church is not a place for people that have it all going on.  No perfect people allowed, this is not a masquerade or country club, just real people with real struggles, real hurts, real life stuff.

If you will not be a part of Five Stones Church for whatever reason then I just ask that you just pray for us during this exciting transition.


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