All messed up @ Five Stones

My original title was “Welcome to Five Stones Church, we are all screwed up, make yourself comfortable.” I probably should have stuck with it but did not want to cause any unnecessary ruffled feathers. (there will be plenty of opportunity for that.)

As a musician in a band, no matter what instrument you play (happens to be guitar for me), you learn with experience how to cover up mistakes. That partially depends on how big of a mistake, but you learn. Typically the average person will not even notice, if you are good enough you may even get past other musicians. I have come to believe even non musicians learn that “trick” with experience in many parts of our lives.

Well, let me just say… I fail at being a “good Christian”, I fail at being a husband, I fail at being a father and a friend, a worker and a musician and anything else I can be a part of. I have just learned to cover most of it up so most people don’t notice. I am not on a kamikaze mission with everyone’s perception of me but trying to just be honest. There are times where I think this is not supposed to be a masquerade and when it comes down to it those closest to us probably know our flaws anyway, especially God.

So why is it the church, which should be for imperfect people who have issues, seems to be one of the biggest masquerades? Where or when did this change? Most of what we read in the bible deals with people out in the open with their junk asking to be healed. Is it just us Americans? Have we gained too much pride over our history? Think about this, does God care about our name brand Sunday best or our open and humble hearts? I am not saying it is bad to wear a jacket and tie but I am afraid people put those on and try to block the hardened and/or hurt heart they hide inside.

Greg King our lead pastor at the new church we are starting (Five Stones Church) said at one of the first rallies (my paraphrasing): (after a little mix up on some communication) As you can tell we have not done this before, this is new to us also and we are going to make mistakes. Our intentions are to seek and glorify God and make the best decisions we can based on His vision for us as a church. We are imperfect people serving a perfect God.

What I loved about that is before this church even officially starts he tried to lay the groundwork for being real, open and honest. Something missing from many churches. To not be an organization with traditions for the sake of traditions but to be a community that gets back to the basics of serving and being real, because that is what is really needed these days. To have folks feel drawn to the church and it’s people because there is something different that is seen in our actions.


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