Bass playing- the start and finish to a season of life

When we first joined Carmel it was when it sat on Carmel Rd. in Charlotte back in late 95′, we actually went to Country Day School across the street for the contemporary service called Sunday Celebration. Wanting to get involved I asked if they wanted an electric guitar player for the band, they said no they did not think they were ready for that (how far we have come!) but their bass player was moving and they asked if I could play bass. I said yes, (one of my best friends was a bass player and taught me some things) I just did not have a bass. They did have one for me to use and so I did, and it was critical in my growth, here is why…

I had not played guitar in a Christian environment at that point and had just moved down to the area so my last experience was playing in a rock band… for me. I believe with all my heart God used that experience as a step to getting my heart right. I think if I started playing electric guitar it banddayswould be too easy to get caught up in how good I can play. That is what it was all about in the band, how good can we be and can we get a record deal. I may have cut my hair but not sure my heart and head would not have fallen back into old patterns.

I did know how to play bass but that instrument is typically part of the rhythm section, more in the background and not where I was used to being.  I spent about three or four years playing bass before a new worship leader came in and said to me, “let’s break out the electric.” I was excited but not playing much electric over that period of time I got a little rusty which again I feel helped keep me in check for a while.

As most of you know after about 5 yrs or so we eventually started The Edge which was a very guitar driven worship style and I came to the point where I know where my ability and talent comes from. Not to say I don’t need to still be careful and keep myself in check but I am in a great place right now. As the Edge stopped about a month ago and we have been preparing to start Five Stones Church we have been on a little break.

A week ago I was asked to fill in on bass at the contemporary service for a friend that was in the ER (he is fine now). I realized while up there that day it was a fitting end. It will be the last time I play in Carmel since we will be planting the new church and I ended playing bass. It was in that moment God reminded me of a season of life I went through and the realization that we are moving on to something new and exciting that will play a large part of the lives of those of us leading the charge of Five Stones Church. This post may be a little choppy to read and if so sorry but really just wanted to capture this moment and what the past 14 or so years at Carmel have meant to me from this standpoint. Oh and I am sure I will hear something about the old school long hair band pic. 🙂


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