Easier to steer a speed boat than a battleship

SpeedBoatEver heard that? The first time I heard it was in regard to a worship band. I was at a band practice when a new worship leader was brought on (he is since long gone) He discussed how less, very often is more. That you can, especially while in the midst of playing, make changes if needed on the fly when you have a good small tight band. I happen to agree 100%, I always prefer a small band very few ( if any) back up singers I just think it makes it much easier to sound tight.

Now take that thought and move it over to a business or better yet a church…

In my current business it always appears that the more you move up the corporate ladder the less common sense and logic you have. Now I would find that hard to believe in reality but it most certainly appears that way very often. I think what it comes down to is the same principle that as you move up, you oversee more and rely on others for the details. So many processes get in the way of quick navigation that you keep going straight because it is too hard to turn.

In church I think this holds true based on traditions. Not all churches can “turn” quickly, Many churches over the years have traditions and programs that may have great purpose but you get to the point where you are so caught up that you are never out of the “Christian bubble”. I do believe there are seasons of life where that bubble can be good, but if not careful you never leave the bubble and miss out on something God has called us to do and that is engage the culture around us.

This is one reason I am excited to help launch Five Stones Church it is new, small and able to turn quickly. It will be the speed boat with a distinct mission, engage the culture and share the good news. We will not have a bunch of programs and things to do that take up everyone’s time, we will be very focused and I feel that can make a big difference. Again, not that one is better than another but both formats have value and for me and my family we felt it was time to do things different.

We want to reach people who don’t go to church for whatever reason that may be, maybe they were burned by a church or relationship through the church, maybe a bad example in their upbringing, maybe someone that wants to but they don’t know where to go and they have never been invited.

I am excited about the possibilities of being in a speed boat church, one that is not weighed down by traditions, but can move in a way that reminds people church is not always about the programs and how we can fill your calendar. It is about a relationship, because without that nothing else matters.


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