The Sky is falling!

Or so it would have seemed yesterday. So Twitter went down for a few hours yesterday,  and is still in some recovery mode I think. Facebook had some issues also. How did you handle it? Where were you? Did a “social network” outage make you less social? Really?

I admit I wanted to tweet about it, lol, but I was working so I did not miss out on much. This does make you wonder how connected to social networks are we? I do think there are many valid purposes for them but did anyone actually lose out on business because of the outage? Do you think it could get to that point? What if it was down for an entire day, or week?

I am just throwing out a bunch of random thoughts and questions I had about the whole situation, what are your thoughts? I would love to know how entrenched people are in social networks and what effect it has when we experience things like this.


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