Unleash 2010 has been announced!

If you are not familiar with Unleash it is a church leader conference down at Newspring church in Anderson, SC. Newspring Church in Anderson, SC for those of you that just said “Where?!” It is one of the fastest growing churches in the country w/ average weekly attendance of about 10,000 in Anderson, a suburb of Greenville, SC and about 2.5 hrs from Charlotte. Why should you care?

The first reason it should spark your interest is the fact that this church has grown the way it has in the middle of what seems to be nowhere! And NO they do not water down the message. Perry Noble, the Senior Pastor, is bold and sometimes controversial but hey, so was Jesus. (I am not putting him on the same level) The thing that I like about him is he is the first to claim his mistakes and shortcomings. If you are unfamiliar it was also where Tony Morgan was Chief Strategic officer for a while if maybe that name is more familiar. Both are great leaders and they have surrounded themselves with a great staff.

The Unleash Conference is a one day church leadership conference for everyone in leadership from the Senior Pastor down. With topics like Worship Leading, volunteers, staffing, technology and more. I have been to two of the past three and have always left pumped up and challenged and highly recommend it. Go visit the site, check out the little recap video from last year and see all the breakout session topics. Oh and the best part the early bird special is only $39! If you are in leadership (e.g. senior pastor, executive pastor, worship leader, tech director, youth pastor, etc.) I highly suggest checking it out.

If for some reason you can’t last year they simulcasted the 2 main session (worship and Perry Noble) over the internet for anyone to view. You will obviously miss out on the breakout session but I have no doubt still be blessed!

Oh and last year we had a tweetup which is a meeting of twitter users which was very cool and I assume will happen again. If you are on twitter follow me http://twitter.com/ktackel or add @ktackel and then go check out the Unleash site!


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