Impressions of Five Stones Church “soft launch”

So yesterday we had a “Soft launch” or dress rehearsal, basically it was a pretend this is the real thing type of day and we invited some families from Carmel to come to the service as our guinea pigs. 🙂

I was amazed at how things went, of course there were things that need to be tweaked but overall the day was excellent. Set up happened in a reasonable time, sound check went well and Greg’s message was great. Dress rehearsal or not God moved and that is what matters!

We had a great turnout from volunteers…

About 175 volunteers were there yesterday and during the actual service we had about 225 people on campus, that is an awesome start! We also were not sure if we would have enough students for a student ministry but we do and it kicked off yesterday also. I am totally pumped about our official launch on Sept. 13th

One bad thing deals with the church next door to us, Grace Community. We found out that on Friday night the guitar player in their worship band which happens to be a 16 yr old boy fell about 30ft and is fighting for his life right now. Sunday was the first service in a new location for them and this was a difficult way to start things off so please keep them in your prayers.

On a brighter note, we found out that two young boys from Five Stones who I happen to know extremely well accepted Christ last night! What an awesome way to end the day yesterday!

This week we are leading worship at Windy Gap for two Christian middle schools from Wednesday through Friday, we are really looking forward to that and then we are taking this Sunday off and preparing for the official Five Stones Church launch on Sept 13th!


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