Five Stones Launch in review

Wow…. Just wow.

I could stop there but then there would be no point in people reading my blog if posts were that short.

What an amazing day filled with excitement, a little nervousness and a lot of prayer.

As some of you know we have a volunteer service prior to the public service and to start things out…

We had five families visit the volunteer service because they either mixed up the time or are involved with the school and whoever told them about us mixed up the time when sharing what was going on, either way it was cool.

By the way before I go further, a big thank you to all the volunteers that make this happen! Here are a few pics of the set up process for the stage:

beginning of setup



At the end of the volunteer service though things kicked into overdrive when we had to cut it a little short because we were told people were already arriving, and it was almost a half hour early! The excitement kicked up a notch.

I started to walk around just to feel the excitement of seeing the crowds come in, it was amazing. I walked past one of the volunteers that helps with the first impression team (parking, greeters, etc.) and he told me we were running out of parking. “WHAT?!” I thought to myself. They had to bring out extra chairs before and while we were getting started. It was an awesome start and we are thankful that things went as well as they did.

We ran about 450 people at the 10:30 service. Some people were from Carmel checking it out, but I know there were a bunch visiting, at least 40 families that heard about us through word of mouth, our involvement from some events over the past few months and cards that were sent out to neighboring subdivisions came.

The odd thing now is seeing who comes back. I am sure over the next few weeks or months we will see attendance fluctuate as people come check it out and decide if it is the place for them.

One thing we are doing is called “Hang 5” basically asking people to hang with us for five weeks to see what we are really about and get a true feel for the church.

This is an exciting time and we are just trusting God through it all! I would love to get some comments from people that visited to get a feel from their point of view of how things went. But whatever happened it is out of our hands and that is ok with me.


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