Army Reserve worship/concert and God

We were asked by the chaplain of the Charlotte Army Reserve if we would lead worship this Friday for a lunch for the troops that (if I understood correctly) are going to be deployed or are getting back from deployment. (I should probably find that out!)

It is such an honor to do it!

The big thing stuck in my head about this is the fact that we were asked to play about an hour of music. That’s it. The reason it is stuck in my head is because it seems so insignificant to give an hour of our time playing music that we love to play anyway to say thank you to these people that are putting their lives on the line for years at a time in some cases!

Well, as I said it will be an honor to do this, an hour of music, mostly worship but we were asked to play a few secular songs also since it is a diverse group making this  somewhat of an outreach also.

Not sure of the setlist yet, I sent some thoughts to Heath for us to talk through. I am excited though, worship God and honor these folks that are protecting us.

As valid as that is, it then hit me even harder…

How much time do I give to the one that did not just put His life on the line but did give it up for me/us? That needs to marinade in my brain for a while. I am thankful that I play guitar well enough to be in a position to offer back like this, for the Army this week and for God all the time.


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