#saveballoonboy #balloonboy

balloonThose were two of the most popular hashtags on twitter yesterday and still number two a day later. There are now a lot of questions and controversy about the event.

First I will say no matter what I am glad the boy is safe, as someone with a five year old it was horrible thinking what could have been.

Back to the controversy…

Late yesterday afternoon the word got out about the family being on the reality show Wifeswap and then there was a possible slip during an interview about the balloon getting away as a “show”. I hope this was real and not a hoax as some are calling it but it brought up a thought to me… What is it in us that would seek that type of attention?

I don’t know if this was a hoax or not and I am not going to worry about it but want to focus on this other piece of the event, the attention.

We all crave attention to some degree. As a baby what is the one and only thing we know? FEED ME! So what do we do? Cry! We do the only thing our baby brain knows to do get attention to meet that need. As we get older that yearning for attention can and usually does continue in some way. So my question is then, why? What are we missing that pushes us to fill that hole with attention? Could it be the relationship with God that we were created to crave?

That hole in our lives can be filled with various things from attention to drugs, alcohol, sex, power but there is only one thing that can fill that void and very often, unfortunately, it is only after someone hits bottom trying these other things that it is realized. All the more reason that Christians need to share the faith they have with a lost world. We are not perfect, these things can still creep in to our lives but we know there is a real God that we can lean on. That is the best attention we can get, attention from our heavenly father that fills the void the way it was meant to be.


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