Servolution and a Five Stones changeup


This Saturday is Servolution! What is Servolution you ask? A Serving Revolution!

Still don’t know? Ok, let me explain…

Servolution is how Five Stones Church along with support from Carmel Baptist Church will take a step to impact the community of Waxhaw that Five Stone calls home. As a church we meet in a school, we do not have our own building yet and we want to hit the ground running in only our 8th week as a church showing that this church is not about a building, a church is God’s people.

We have taken up various projects around town to clean up, renovate, paint,  basically whatever was needed to help the town of Waxhaw get things done to help maintain and beautify the town. It will be work but it will be fun, rewarding and exciting to see the impact and relationships created through this event. By the way we are inundating the town with about 550 people to make this happen!

On Sunday at Five Stones we are changing things up some, I was going to leave it as a surprise but I guess I can tell you.

This Sunday we are

Show up and find out! 😉


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