Mike’s Motto “I don’t want to waste the cancer”

As many of you know I teach 12th grade high school “Fuel Group”. This week one of the girls in the group lost her father to cancer after about a 3 year battle. It was an emotional and yet inspiring  funeral Here is why…

As was explained at the service Mike was a believer for years but at age 33 was really impressed upon to let go of everything and stop trying to do things on his own and he referred to his “Pre 33” time as before he really surrendered everything. Major changes were made and he was building what would end up being a great legacy for his family.

2006 is when the news came in about the cancer and he told a friend of his that he did not want to waste the cancer.  His friend went on to explain that Mike realized this could be used to share Jesus with people and he did not want to waste that opportunity. The battle with cancer went through various stages but eventually came back with a vengance.  And to hear the testimony in the funeral was just another way Mike wanted to make sure he did not “waste the cancer”. His daughter spoke and again it was obvious that His changes were lasting and made an impression on his family and people he encountered.

To me one of the most emotional parts of all this was a picture they showed of him in a very weakened state as his daughters date to homecoming at the high school. Knowing he probably would not be around to be at a future wedding she wanted him as her date.

This whole thing was emotional and really makes you think that you don’t know how long you have. We need to live for today. What kind of legacy are you leaving, I am really looking at the one I will leave and I have some changes to make.


2 thoughts on “Mike’s Motto “I don’t want to waste the cancer”

  1. Wow, awesome story Mike! I think we all have some things we need to change and I am no different, but this post just may motivate me to actually change them. It gets old simply saying I “need” to. Thanks for this!

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