Daraja Children’s Choir: Part II

So I told you about us hosting some kids from the Daraja Children’s Choir last week and said I would follow up with some thoughts of the visit so here it is.

Random thoughts that went through my head… First in a word, humbled.

We wanted to clean up so the house would look nice… Then thought about the fact that in Kenya most of them have dirt floors, and many people live in houses with about 5 or 6 people in a 12×12 area. Our house must look like a mansion to them, and I was concerned about cleaning up.

I walked into the kitchen pantry and God hit me on the head with the fact that the food I have in my pantry can feed a bunch of kids for a few days. And we have the gall to say there is nothing to eat.

Personally I like the water from the kitchen sink, I don’t need it filtered or cold… I was then hit with, it was not until last month that the village of Kendaria that our church supports got the ability to capture and use rain water in the village. I can walk to the kitchen or bathroom or even outside to my hose for water. They had to walk about 2 miles multiple times a day to get water until last month and even as great as that is there are about 5 sites for them to get water from in the village, it is still not in their houses.

There were three girls that stayed with us, Caroline who was in 5th grade, Gloria and Nancy that were both 4th grade and Collette who was the guardian. They were awesome to have and I wish we had more time with them but as you can tell from above in the little time we had they made me think different. I will be praying for them and the others that we did not meet I would love to see them again but if I don’t I will appreciate the time we did have.


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